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50 Days of Dragon Con Countdown - Day 10 & 11

2015 Theme: Monster Mashup
2015 Charity: Lymphoma Research Foundation

** All notes subject change/revision/deletion until DC is actually happening.

[ N O T E S ]

Day 10 (41 Days) - Jill: Ruler of Munchkinville [Director of Kaleidoscope]
(Podcast Location: The Unique Geek)
App update: Platform update, but so far no 2015 additions yet. There will be flagged as kid-friendly, mature-only, and general. So that you can search across the whole of the app for these types specifically. (Wow! This sounds awesome and it was an shout out during this track! Once, again, making it worth listening to every one.)

Guest Additions: John Wesley Shipp (Flash), Peter Mayhew (Star Wars), Anna Silk (Lost Girl)
I will just make terrible, keening, raspy noises at all three of these

This is the kiddo track, aimed between ages 9 and 13, so I'm not positive there will be anything I definitely listen to everything. I said the same thing about the Video Game Track write-up and then went crazy about one of the balls and the release of Firefly Online. So tune in and we'll see if I find anything during this hour of listening that tells me I need to be at some of their things, too.

Hum. Doctor Who for Kids, crossing over with the BritTrack. Big Hero Six theme'd dance/party (Sunday night, 1 hr before the Yule Bal).

- Pixar movies within the last 5 years.
- Oh, oh, oh, oh, Dragons: Race to the Edge panel.

Day 11 (40 Days) - Leigh’s 1-2-4 Rule (Part 3)
Rule 3: FOUR (4) hours of sleep. PER NIGHT!

This is usually a thing I do fall under. Usually by the time we get to the end of ball, around 2-3 in the morning I am ready to seriously crash hard in my bed, if I've even made it that late. Especially as I get up at 8-8:30 every morning, to catching The Daily Dragon and to prep so that I can dash out the door for the first panels of the day.

I try really hard not to screw myself up on this one and the fact that, due to being someone with ADHD who can use that as a superpower and, I can run myself alive, wake and cheerful on four hours or less even. But I like getting more, and having time for breakfast, food packing for lunch, and proper prepping of the my costume.

So, this one, like the others, isn't much of a problem for me usually.

My Interests to Remember

Scott Adsit (Baymax, Big Hero 6)
Amber Benson (Buffy)
Felecia Day (Internet Queen)
Melissa Fahn (Betty Boop)
Bill Farmer (Goofy/Pluto)
John Noble (Fringe)
Chris Rankin (Harry Potter)
Carole Spinney (Big Bird)
Laura Vandervoot (Supergirl)

Casts Of
Agents of SHEILD (Richard James Olmos, B.J. Britt)
Arrow (Stephen Amell, John Barrowman, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Nicholas Lea)
Battlestar Gallactica (Jamie Bamber, Richard James Olmos, James Callos, Terry Carter, Kevin R. Grazier, Magda Apanowicz)
Defiance (Tony Curran, Graham Green, Richard Hatch, Stephanie Leonidas, Steve Lund, Kevin R. Grazier, Jesse Rath)
Doctor Who (Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGan, John Barrowman, Tony Curran)
Flash (Robbie Amell, Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton, John Wesley Shipp)
Game of Thrones (Finn Jones, Kristian Nairn, Mike Miller, Julian Glover, Jason Metcalfe)
Lost Girl (Paul Amos, Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer, Rachel Skarsten, Ksenia Solo, Anna Silk)
Once Upon a Time (Kristen Bauer, Merin Dungey, Victoria Smurfit)
Stargate (Gary Jones, Peter Kelamis, Paul McGillion, Teryl Rotary, Gary Chalk)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Terry Farrell)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Jonathon Frakes, Jerry Hardin)
Star Wars (Peter Mayhew)
Warehouse 13 (Joanna Kelly, Eddie McClintock)
X-Files (Jerry Hardin, Nicholas Lea)

Comics/Books - Authors/Artists
Arthur Adams (Longshot)
Amanda Connor (Starfire/Harley)
Peter David (Babylon 5)
Kelly Sue DeConnick (#BGSD)
Matt Fraction (Hawkeye)
Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy)
George Jeanty (X-Men/DC)
Alex Konat (Aspen)
David Mack (Kabuki)
Peter Steigerwald (Aspen Comics Co-Owner)

Brobdingnagian Bards
Crossed Swords
Emerald Rose
The Ken Spivey Band
Pandora Celtica
The Double Clicks

Video Gaming Track - Debuting Firefly Online

BritTrack - A Decade of NuWho
BritTrack - Sherlock vs. Elementary
BritTrack - The Two Doctor's
BritTrack - Period Drama's (Wolfhall, White Queen, Outlander and more)
BritTrack - 40 Years of Ziggystar Dust!
BritTrack - The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Christopher Lee

- Kaleidoscope: Pixar Movies
- Kaleidoscope: Dragons: Race to the Edge

Events & Parties & Reminders

Sept 3
- Grocery Shopping
- DC Store Open (Lanyard, Magnet, Coin?)
- 1 pm, Dealer Hall opens
- Locate the Con Suite
Sept 4
Sept 5
- 10 am, DC Annual Parade
- 2:30 pm, Costume/Cosplay Auction (Hyatt)
- 7-9pm, Free Writer's Workshop Meet/Greet (Hanover A-B)
- 7-11 pm, DC Night at the Georgia Aquarium
- 10-2 am Heroes & Villains Ball (Sheraton Grand) -- LAST YEAR
- DragonCon Burlesque (Hyatt Regency VI-VII)

Sept 6
- Late Night Puppet Slam (Hyatt Regency VI-VII)
- 4-5:30 pm, Miss Star Trek Universe (Sheraton Grand)
- Yule Ball
- 8:30-11 pm, Masquerade Costume Contest (Hyatt Centennial)
- 10-2 am NuWho 10th Anniversary Ball (Sheraton Grand)
- 10-2 am Mechanical Masquerade (Peachtree)

Sept 7
- Con Report
- Buy next year's entrance ticket

Extra Packing Plans
☑Costume #1 (F) - Belt
Costume #2 (U - Joint)
☑ Back-Up Costume #1 (ST)
☑ Back-Up Costume #2 (HP)
☑ Dress down Costume #1 (K)

10th Anniversary NuWho Ball

☑ Skater Dress

Requests & Favors
Sherrilyn Kenyon - Swag/Etc for Step-Sister

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