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50 Days of Dragon Con Countdown - Day 21 & 22

2015 Theme: Monster Mashup
2015 Charity: Lymphoma Research Foundation

** All notes subject change/revision/deletion until DC is actually happening.

[ N O T E S ]

Day 21 (29 Days) - Serv: Super Friend
(Podcast Location: The Unique Geek)
App update: N/A
Guest Additions: David Hewlett (SGA), Trenna Keating (Defiance), John-Paul Nickel (WH13), Michael Trucco (BSG)

This is sounding a lot like it's filler episodes while runner #2 isn't there. Mleh. Oh, well. I'll play it in the background and wander about doing things in the kitchen/house. You'll get notes when I agree with something. Really annoying parts to this episode about not telling people where things are but naming them, which is just dumb, since it's two seconds work on the internet, or they just act professional and tell people.

- ... do I even remember anyone I specifically saw my first con?
- Dealer's Room vs. Vendor Rooms = Small shops vs. Big Company Stores.
- World of Coke? CNN Center?
- Thursday Nights, Trader Vic's

Day 22 (28 Days) - JJ: Master of Doom
(Podcast Location: The Unique Geek)
App update: N/A
Guest Additions: N/A

Another random friend podcast while missing runner #2. Fun, but nothing important. I cooked food for the rest of the week and tried another recipe during it. I hope they start released the actual interview and hints soon, again.

My Interests to Remember

Scott Adsit (Baymax, Big Hero 6)
Ameri Benson (Buffy)
Felecia Day (Internet Queen)
Melissa Fahn (Betty Boop)
Bill Farmer (Goofy/Pluto)
John Noble (Fringe)
Chris Rankin (Harry Potter)
Carole Spinney (Big Bird)
Laura Vandervoot (Smallville's Supergirl)

Casts Of
Agents of SHEILD (Richard James Olmos, B.J. Britt)
Arrow (Stephen Amell, John Barrowman, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Nicholas Lea, Alex Kingston)
Battlestar Gallactica (Jamie Bameri, Richard James Olmos, James Callos, Terry Carter, Kevin R. Grazier, Magda Apanowicz, Tricia Helfer, Michael Trucco)
Defiance (Tony Curran, Graham Green, Richard Hatch, Stephanie Leonidas, Steve Lund, Kevin R. Grazier, Jesse Rath, Trenna Keating)
Doctor Who (Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGan, John Barrowman, Tony Curran, Alex Kingston)
Flash (Robbie Amell, Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton, John Wesley Shipp)
Game of Thrones (Finn Jones, Kristian Nairn, Mike Miller, Julian Glover, Jason Metcalfe)
Lost Girl (Paul Amos, Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer, Rachel Skarsten, Ksenia Solo, Anna Silk)
Once Upon a Time (Kristen Bauer, Merin Dungey, Victoria Smurfit)
Stargate (Gary Jones, Peter Kelamis, Paul McGillion, Teryl Rotary, Gary Chalk, David Hewlett)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Terry Farrell)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Jonathon Frakes, Jerry Hardin)
Star Trek: The Original Series (Nichelle Nichols)
Star Wars (Peter Mayhew)
Warehouse 13 (Joanna Kelly, Eddie McClintock, John-Paul Nickel)
X-Files (Jerry Hardin, Nicholas Lea)

Comics/Books - Authors/Artists
Arthur Adams (Longshot)
Amanda Connor (Starfire/Harley)
Peter David (Babylon 5)
Kelly Sue DeConnick (#BGSD)
Matt Fraction (Hawkeye)
Rebekah Isaacs (Buffy)
George Jeanty (X-Men/DC)
Alex Konat (Aspen)
David Mack (Kabuki)
Peter Steigerwald (Aspen Comics Co-Owner)

Brobdingnagian Bards
Crossed Swords
Emerald Rose
The Ken Spivey Band
Pandora Celtica
The Double Clicks

Video Gaming Track - Debuting Firefly Online

BritTrack - A Decade of NuWho
BritTrack - Sherlock vs. Elementary
BritTrack - The Two Doctor's
BritTrack - Period Drama's (Wolfhall, White Queen, Outlander and more)
BritTrack - 40 Years of Ziggystar Dust!
BritTrack - The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Christopher Lee

Kaleidoscope - Pixar Movies
Kaleidoscope - Dragons: Race to the Edge

SciFi Track - Defining what "Science Fiction means..."
SciFi Track - Free Public Library (back of the room, bookcase!)

Ameri Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Geek-Sing-Along - Thursday Night Event
Ameri Sci-Fi & Fantasy - The Binge "Binge-Watching influencing Media"
Ameri Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Building Blocks for DC Cinematic Universe
Ameri Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Building Blocks for Marvel Cinematic Universe
Ameri Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Super Hero Fatigue Panel (Monday)
Ameri Sci-Fi & Fantasy - After Hours: Sat - Adult Material in Genre Shows (GOT, Outlander)

Events & Parties & Reminders

Sept 3
- Grocery Shopping
- DC Store Open (Lanyard, Magnet, Coin?)
- 1 pm, Dealer Hall opens (Author favor?)
- Locate the Con Suite

- BritTrak - Dinner
- Ameri Scifi & Fan - Sing-Along
Sept 4
Sept 5
- 10 am, DC Annual Parade
- 2:30 pm, Costume/Cosplay Auction (Hyatt)
- 7-9pm, Free Writer's Workshop Meet/Greet (Hanover A-B)
- 7-11 pm, DC Night at the Georgia Aquarium
- 10-2 am Heroes & Villains Ball (Sheraton Grand) -- LAST YEAR
- DragonCon Burlesque (Hyatt Regency VI-VII)

Sept 6
- Late Night Puppet Slam (Hyatt Regency VI-VII)
- 4-5:30 pm, Miss Star Trek Universe (Sheraton Grand)
- Yule Ball
- 8:30-11 pm, Masquerade Costume Contest (Hyatt Centennial)
- 10-2 am NuWho 10th Anniversary Ball (Sheraton Grand)
- 10-2 am Mechanical Masquerade (Peachtree)

Sept 7
- SciFi Free Public Library
- Con Report
- Buy next year's entrance ticket

Extra and undated
- The Marriott Blood Drive
- Museum of Alternate History
- Vintage Vogue Fashion Show

Extra Packing Plans
Costume #1 (F) - Belt
☑ Costume #2 (U - Joint)
☑ Back-Up Costume #1 (ST)
☑ Back-Up Costume #2 (HP)
☑ Dress down Costume #1 (K)

10th Anniversary NuWho Ball

☑ Skater Dress

Requests & Favors
Sherrilyn Kenyon - Swag/Etc for Step-Sister

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