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  • Mon, 14:04: Media Consumption for August 3rd to August 9th http://t.co/fmD3WUgGac
  • Mon, 19:17: Dear #BreakingBad, I hope S5 does more for me than S4. I keep waiting for Walter the mastmind evil to appear/happen.
  • Mon, 19:19: Walter White hits me exactly like #Daredevil's Fisk did. Should have been terrifying, but was more limp, reactive, broken kitten. S5 come on
  • Mon, 22:31: The problem Walter's murders is they aren't purposeful. They are like a child throwing temper tantrums. Thoughtless, then cry about it.
  • Mon, 22:53: Huh. End of 1st part of Season 5, first moment of looking dubious surprised about something methodical finally. Does this mean well for me.
  • Mon, 23:06: The free participant swag from way, way, way back at B&N's Fangirl Friday! https://t.co/pHZwTecPIv
  • Mon, 23:08: Buttons from Fangirl Friday https://t.co/Ncum1tSsdf
  • Mon, 23:13: I (and 2 other lovely ladies) won the prize pack for fandom games at Fangirl Friday. All DW, that we… https://t.co/ASWnMo6QmC
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