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  • Sun, 15:52: Why do I keep pretending -- and letting myself believe -- I can do anything like an adult this weekend?
  • Sun, 17:21: Wow, #FallingSkies, this is crazy fast. I mean I get that you were canceled unexpected. But all of this is way fast.
  • Sun, 18:09: Okay, #UnderTheDome, give me a better series finale than #FallingSkies just did, okay? At least your second to last wasn't terrible.
  • Sun, 18:46: I'm curious about where you are going right now, #UnderTheDomeFinale.
  • Sun, 18:48: Everytime I see #SOTB stuff, all I can think of is Grace's comment on the panel. Complicated heart feels.
  • Sun, 18:51: Huh. Well. That was an ending, to a show that doesn't feel over, and yet they made that choice on purpose. #UnderTheDomeFinale
  • Sun, 19:09: Okay, #Vixen, I'll give it to you. You are kind of cute for being something like 12 minutes of footage only so far. HooraY, DC girls fall.
  • Sun, 22:05: #Scandal, Iphone Beta update, and #Kerrygold cheese, you are making the incredibly short painful end of that part of the night easier.
  • Sun, 22:10: RT @tauruscopehere: #Taurus are the hand that rocks the cradle.
  • Sun, 22:22: I'm starting to seriously be able to tell exactly what Shonda's middle of the seasons episode was. I knew the last one totally was.
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