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  • Sat, 12:04: So that's how they changed Esme's story to Earnest's. #page316 #reductionbeingdrasticthere
  • Sat, 12:23: Hello, sore muscles in my thighs and posterior.
  • Sat, 12:25: Things that amuse me trainer: when new moves she gives me nearly lay me flat and make me want to do it again and again until it can't.
  • Sat, 12:26: You know. Someone said there was more (Alice/Bella) Archie/Beau in here, but with 60 pages left. I'm not seein' it people. #page338
  • Sat, 12:43: Haaaaaa. One of my assumptions about power-base things between Alice and Edward was just proved right. #page351
  • Sat, 12:55: Okay, Mrs. Meyer, you are coming to the point where if you didn't rewrite this correctly I will write you off again. Because precognition.
  • Sat, 12:57: You have 60 pages to fix the most glaring wrong power-related thing in your first plot. While I stare warily and arch at you. #page366
  • Sat, 13:00: #sigh. Just tell me it was a conscious choice. Somewhere. And that you didn't just screw up Archie as much as you id Alice the first time.
  • Sat, 13:09: #SIGH
  • Sat, 13:13: Wwwwoooah, now. "If you want to try it my way..." MY WAY? What. WHUT. Hello. WHAT. #page390 #THATWASACENTURYAGO #WHATMYWAY
  • Sat, 13:41: WTH. You ignore and sideline the werewolves and they appear ten pages before the end of the epilogue? #WHAT #page414
  • Sat, 13:51: Well, at least that's done now.
  • Sat, 14:11: I'm having feelings. Real Feelings. Good ones. I'm back in the MW tags. SparkleMafia, yo. Yrael. Meg. Kate. Historical Times. Europe.
  • Sat, 14:40: We wrote so very much, and it was so very good once upon a time, wasn't it? (Hello, my old soul, my old heart. I remember you. I remember.)
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