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Yule Links & Calendars

Christmas Cards
Christmas Card Post One, Nov 18th [Done]
Christmas Card Post Two, Nov 25th [Done]
Christmas Card Post Three, Dec 2nd [forthcoming]
Christmas Cards mailed, Dec 5th [forthcoming]

Fandom Stocking
Sign-ups, Nov ?? [ Comm here]
Stocking Link
Fill Some Stockings [forthcoming; post-Yuletide]

Holiday Wishlist
Holiday-Wishes, Nov ? [Comm Here]
Wish List, Nov 30 [Comm here, Entry Here]
Fill 3 wishes on Holiday Wishes [Forthcoming]
Fill 3 wishes on Wish List [Forthcoming]

Order of the Hat's Secret Santa

'While we tell of Yuletide Treasure Fic
Sign-ups, Open - Oct 18
Sign-up, Completed - Oct 24

Yuletide Letter [Here]
Canon Rewatching [November 14th]
Fic & Drabbles due December 13th [Forthcoming]

Yuletide's Past Meme, December 15th [Reference here]

Master Index Post [here]
Memo Notes: Misses Claus, Chromatic Creating, Crueltide, Yuletide Drabble Madness
Remember: Yuletide Treat's Pact & Someday My Fic Will Come

'While we tell of Yuletide Treasure Swap
Sign-Up's, Oct 12 - Completed
Swap Ship Deadline, Nov 13th - [Forthcoming]
Mine: Sent/Received
Book Swap - November 17th
Candy Swap - November 28th
Drink Swap - November 16th

Theirs: Sent/Received
Book Swap - November 13th
Candy Swap - November 13th
Drink Swap - November 13th

Oct-Dec To Do's, in Order/Due Dates

10/18 -- Book/Candy/Drink Swap Sign-Up
10/22 -- Xmas Shopping Starts
10/23 -- Yuletide Sign-Up
11/1 -- Yuletide Santa Letter
11/13 -- Book/Candy/Drink Swap Mailout
11/18 -- Christmas Card Post I
11/25 -- Christmas Card Post II
11/30 -- WishList & Holiday Wishes Signup

12/1 -- Christmas Cards & Gifts to Coworkers
12/1 -- Yuletide's Past Post
12/2 -- Christmas Card Post III
12/5 -- Christmas Cards Mailed
12/10 -- Dallas & New England Presents to Parents
12/13 -- Yuletide Due
12/15 -- 3 wished filled for WishList/Holiday Wishes
12/19 -- Siblings Christmas
12/20 -- Parents Texas Christmas
12/22 -- Fly to Michigan
12/27 -- Fly to Mass
12/31 -- Post 12th End of Year Survey & 4th Media Consumption Master Lists

Fandom Stocking Post Up Sign-Ups

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