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It's that time. I know I have quite a few of you in my card book and my computer address directory already, but inevitably the year can bring anything into a person's life and I know some of the addresses out there have changed, to different apartments, states and even countries.

This is to everyone and anyone on my f-list (twitter list, facebook list, livejournal, dreamwidth), even those I see in person, and those who even have me just on their f-list's. I'd love to be able to send you a little extra merriment during this season to show you just how much you're loved and just how much your light brightens my life. The comments to this post are screened so no one else can read them;

Thus if you'd like a Christmas/Yule/Winter-AnyHoliday card please leave me your address below in the comments!

(Also, if I missed your card lists offers somehow, link me! I would love to swap!)

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