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Yuletides Past Meme (2007-2015)

2007 | The Sixth Heaven
Fandom: Beauty & The Beast (TV Show)
Word Count: 5,523

Oh, Lordy. Okay, this was the most AU I'd ever taken anything ever. I rewrote it as a budding teenage romance, against the parallel of Alighieri's Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradisio. The work is riddled with references and head-tips, while still being true as true can be to Catherine and Vincent, Dante and Beatrice, and the words themselves.

Extra Treat: Lulled and Warm
Another tiny Vincent piece I wrote while rewatching the whole series amid research.

2008 | The Smallest Spark of Hope
Fandom: Terminator
Word Count: 2,394

I don't remember what I got paired up with this person for, but like the year before it was not for I ended up writing. I actually did not expect this story to happen. I liked the movies, but wasn't in love and yet this exploded from me and the simple request for "Terminator Movie AU; Kyle Lives."

I had so much fun writing this one. Because I wanted to include how Kyle could have survived his last circumstances, without cutting the legs off all the growing Sarah does in the next six months, year, two years, when she travels the world and learns how to protect herself. In a way it's very Tale of Two Cities, because they don't meet until just at the end, with absolutely nothing settled and everything the way it should be.

2009 | odorous smoke and breathing flower
Fandom: Elfquest
Word Count: 3,772

The first year I wrote for a fandom I offered. She wanted a story about Dart, with mentions potentially of his love-mate Sushen, and I was enamored. I reread my oldest fandom for all the main hard books, pushing pieces around until I found something I dearly and desperately loved no matter what age.

The story of Dart and Geoki, who are supposed to make and break your heart. So I wrote about that story. And, yes, it still mentions love mates and endless quests, and fires and famine and family and home. About morals, right and wrong, and growing, how it is painful, haunted, and beautiful, hopeful. All at once.

2010 | To Learn The Games You Play
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Word Count: 2,569

Another Terminator I did not plan for, nor get matched up on but was swept up in the prompt (that way I'd been swept up nthe series), because my recipient wanted The Story of Allison Young. Who is the skin copy of Cameron. And I was hooked.

I built my story around the single episode of scenes we see Allison and The Terminator/1st canonical Cameron-skin appearance. And then I filled it in with memories, and interlocking, overlapping piece of his her mind and history. Which turned out quite interesting.

2011 | Will forever be known as the year Amanda tried to sign up for Yuletide, the day after it closed

2012 | No First, or Last, Prayer
Fandom: The Sundering by Jaqueline Carey
Word Count: 1,153

This year I'm writing in potentially one of my most favorite fandoms/books series ever, that I never expected to be writing in. I did very little research because this series burned itself into my heart and soul during my first read, but the research I did, in fact, did change my story entirely.

From one full-born idea-piece to another full-born idea piece. I researched one night, and wrote in one night, three days apart, having to put it off for Christmas, and six hours of overtime, and a few other things. But it literally flew from my fingertips and I'm quite in love with it.

2013 | Conscience
Fandom: Revenge
Word Count: 1,945

I didn't entirely know how this piece would go or what I'd want to write, but I kept snagging on the fact Nolan had been in jail for a huge chunk of the break (without being visited by Amanda) and that the show never talked about it much. This exploded into delving into Nolan's head during that time. It's dedicated like a time period, and there are still quotes from it that ring in my head.

2014 | Start With the First Ten
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Word Count: 3,836

This piece exploded into my head, massive, and entirely sure of what it wanted to be -- but without a stitch of planning attached to it. It just bounced at me like a child, who forgot they needed to tie their shoes or listen to gravity. I ended up plotting out this piece, exactly to the Ten Commandment around John Henry and based each piece on specific parts of his growth.

I'm supremely proud of this piece, too. I love how removed it was. I got chills from some of my own words, right as I was writing them, like they were coming into existence at me at the some time as I was reading them after my fingers typed them. I loved showing the interplay of all the characters around John Henry, from the largest to the smallest, displaying his intellect and even the way he perceived burgeoning awaress/the potential emotional component.
2015 | Unrevealed
Fandom: Unrevealed
Word Count: 1,533 (...and only at part 1 of 3 down)

This one definitely has a mood and a life of its own, and it's probably been the most fun fandom review and further cannon discovery that I've ever had in Yuletide thus far.

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