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Joyful Yule: Day 2 - The Goddess at Yuletide

Journal Prompts

I. What Crone Goddess(es) do you feel called to work with this Yuletide, if any?
I have decided to learn more about Berchta during this year's Yuletide. She of the spinning and weaving -- an action, and implication, that is both in textile production and also in that of creativity and it's own production with a million-million different forms birthed by its focus. I'm drawn a lot to this idea of the symbolic inner workings, both of the creativity and of the dark season.

I'm, also, pleased to say this is one goddess I don't know much about, which is not something I can usually say about these kinds of classes (or holiday focuses/rituals).

II. What Mother Goddess(es) do you feel called to work with this Yuletide, if any?
For this I chose one whose name I have heard before, and yet still do not know much about at all-- Lucina. Roman Goddess of childbirth who supposedly morphed into the figure of the Church's St. Lucia.

Her name means "light bearer/bringer" and I find myself drawn to that as well. (Though I do admit it sparks some thoughts about whether she'd be another dual Yule-Imbolc Goddess as well, due to being about the light emerging in the darkness, or bringing light to the darkness.)

III. Are you researching a new Goddess, or are you spending time with a Goddess you know well?
Already covered this one on both of the above while pondering on them.

IV. How are you communing or spending time with the Goddess this Yuletide?
For the first day I'm allocating this period and portion to studying, especially while I'm on a nice weekend between two weeks of school. There may be more coming, added as bits to coming activities for the holiday, but for now it will be more about getting familiar with them. Perhaps, lighting my candles on my new tiny Yule Altar and stating my intentions to work with them/inviting them into the work I will be doing through this class and during this season.
V. Did you do the Meeting the Goddess meditation? What was that experience like for you?
Nope, as it wasn't going to work for me in the format it as added to the course in.

Reading through it would already tell me what was going to happen in what order which would, as the type of person I know am mentally, and reactively toward both meditation and trance, taken me from any original, untampered meditative thought, and ruined that clarity. The same with reading it to record and then play, again. My mind would already be playing with what would, could happen like it was a story I was reading/writing rather than something I was experience authentically first hand.

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