Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

Joyful Yule - Day 3: The God at Yuletide

I. What God(s) do you feel called to work with this Yuletide, if any?
I have decided to work with the archetypes of the Holly and Oak Kings in all their guises (both grown men battling for the Goddess and the World, and the child who hides in the light in the womb of the Goddess as the Sun God Face waiting to be reborn). I've always been very interested in them.

II. Are you researching a new God, or are you spending time with a God you know well?
Researching a new God/God Archetype.

III. How are you communing or spending time with the God this Yuletide?
I am thinking about the fact I know they are represented in a number of decks of mine. I want to pull out the cards for these two and put them above, or on, my Yule Altar that I might think of them in the coming days, work and use of the altar and learning time. I, also, want to put a leaf I made in clay once upon a time in Korea, that has "By Ash, Oak, and Thorn" on it, because that always connects to these for me.

IV. Did you do the Meeting the God meditation? What was that experience like for you?
This is my same answer for the Goddess Meditation. In it's presented format this won't work for me personally. I would love to know if anyone else records them and would be willing to share with someone who can't get the same authentic experience if read/recorded previous to working through the meditation.

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