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Joyful Yule - Day 4: Yuletide Herbal Magic

[Caveat: This one was started on Dec 15th, but there were large gaps between which days the recipes were put up, and things were taken down, and then journal questions were put up. They were each down the day it got put up.]

I. What did you make today?
All the Yule herbal sachets and Yule herbal incenses that were listed as options to make. I got very lucky and 98% of the ingredients were already in my house (everything for the incenses, and then just like 2-3 weren't in my house for the sachet options, but you only needed 12 of those and I had at least 16 in my bags).

The sachets in progress picture

Incense afterwards shot

II. Do you have other recipes or crafts that you make each Yule?
Not every Yule, no, but I do have recipes I could be making every Yule if I thought more about it and had put more effort into it these last few years. I have several books I used to work out of all the time for during holidays, and this class is getting me back into the mindset of wanting to do more and more with that this coming year.

III. What scents do you associate with the Winter holidays?
Pine, Balsam, Fir, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Frankincense, Myrrh, burning firewood, the crisp clean smell of snow, Apples, Pinenuts, Mint, Chocolate, Roasting meat and vegetables, soups and broths bubbling away and fill the whole house with their scent, winter plum, winter rose, Holly, Peppermint, Cream, orange, mulled wine, mulled cider, clove, Bay, mistletoe, wormwood, and on and on

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