Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

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  • Wed, 15:23: 3 hour nap was beautiful. I could sleep forever and ever. Waking up to my mom calling was the best. (No word on my suitcase still.)
  • Wed, 20:42: @United, you've blown far past "inconvenient" when it took you 17 hours to get me here & my bags will get to me 33-36 hours after I arrived.
  • Wed, 21:04: "I had the epiphany that laughter was light, and light was laughter, and that this was the secret of the universe." - Donna Tartt
  • Thu, 08:12: Have fallen into The Librarians the last few days and this morning is starting with the first The Librarian movie.
  • Thu, 10:57: Task one of Christmas Eve, we are headed to Bolles Harbor on Lake Erie to complete the wishes of… https://t.co/ApotuknWVd
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