Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

The First Big Wave

I've spent a lot of holiday traveling time thinking about my future and that of my spiritual path during the last week, between all the emails which had hit the list and this new year breaking upon the shore of 2016, and I am announcing that I'm stepping down from council.

I had intended to serve to the end of my term-time, extended by the Sustainability Committee to February, but I no longer find that a possibility. I feel as though my ability to be fiercely authentic and always fully standing in my transparent honesty has been compromised by my position of sworn service/support since the constant, repeated, message of nonhierarchical changes became instead something that could be viewed (by my sisters in both circle and co-creative leadership) as suddenly-transparent hierarchy with women who are classed as 'higher/lower.'

I feel that I have become a part of a power structure I have avoided my whole thirty-two years of deeply supported Pagan/Goddess worship, while it was the original non-existence of it in RCG indeed that led someone very dear to my heart to help me to be brave enough to be a part of a leadership-that-was-instead-service here. Those years on Council, and everything I learned about true full group inclusion-consensus leadership, have been a glorious path of growth and I will always look on them with deepest gratitude and grace toward each of you reading this.

I wish the rest of the Council and the Sustainability Committee big magic and fiercely, beautiful growth in this very new and very different choice they've made, with all my hopes that this system does make the hopes and dreams they've wrested on it come true.

From The Year of the Big Waves,
And Manipura's City of Jewels,
Always with love,


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Tags: rcg, religion, universal contemplation
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