Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

This Was a Year of Truth

This was a year of truth.
Masks were shattered.
Layers were peeled away.
Heart’s were laid bare.
Long held beliefs were shifted.
What we no longer needed was shed.
This year was like truth serum for the soul.
Truth serum seeps into every corner of our lives. Into every aspect of your being, your thoughts and your heart.
Truth serum will not be ignored.
Truth serum holds a lantern to things and once they are seen they can never be unseen or unknown.
Truth serum is needed as we reclaim our sacred selves.
Nothing is the same. We are not the same.
Yes, some of it hurt. Some of it hurt like hell. But in those cracks we found an expansion and growth.
Yes, some of it was difficult. And it showed us our strength and where we needed to close some doors for our own benefit.
This was a year of taking off the blinders. This was a year of illumination and letting go.
This was the year of releasing the need to search relentlessly for what we are taught to want and instead opening to the desires that whisper from our heart.
This was the year of really listening to our inner knowing.
This is the year we allowed the authenticity of who we are to shine.
This was a year of shining huge illumination into our worlds.
This was a year of embracing the expression of our voice and our feelings.
This was a year of coming face to face with what needed to be cut from our lives.
This was a year of stepping into our dreams and digging our roots in deep.
This was a year of believing in our own brilliance.
This was a year of rebirth.
This was a year of saying YES to our truth. And next year will be even better.

~ ©Ara, C. Ara Campbell and The Goddess Circle

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Tags: universal contemplation
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