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Infinite Possiblities Project - Day 4: Showcase (Backdated)

Day 4

*It's important to create visual reminders of what you're working towards. When you see your goal in front of you, day after day, it starts to become a part of your reality. At TUT Headquarters, each employee has a vision board in their office to remind them of their goals. What reminders do you have set up around your office, in your bedroom, on your kitchen fridge or bathroom mirror? Put something up today that will inspire you in the days and weeks ahead.


Hang up your list of goals for 2016.
Hang up a photo (somewhere you want to travel to or perhaps a quote that means a lot to you).
Program your phone or computer to send you a positive reminder every day.
Set your computer desktop background to a special image that inspires you.
If you have extra time, create a vision board or Pinterest board with images of your dream life.*

I really love this kind of things actually and I've been thinking about it a lot, a lot, a lot. I want to make a printout of my goals and put copies in a few dozen places. I'd like one on my fridge, my mirror, somewhere near the wall of my bed, my work desk and my Rituals for Living Dreambook. I want constant reminders that these are the beautiful things I want in my life and am working toward or am embodying.

I do already have a vision board up for this year in my bathroom, big mirror area, and I'm going to keep it until it runs the year out. I do already have positive message reminders, both in my every morning Note from the Universe emails, and in my daily #BGSD (B*tches Get Shit Done) texts. I'm even adding in Daily Inspirational Quotes and Inspiration Angel Text's doing another of the same thing, too. I like the idea of being showered with blessings and goodness.

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