Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

Infinite Possibilities Project - Day 7: Play Detective

Day 7

*Now it’s time to play defense. So far we’ve talked about ways you can proactively program transformation, but in this subtle way, you can also quickly stem the tide of any self-made negativity that may have otherwise crossed your wires or contradicted the initiatives we’re taking to spark change.

Simply pay attention all what you hear yourself saying (in thought or word) and see all you’re doing. Here we want to get a handle on some of your subliminal inner messaging. When you don’t like what you’re signaling or a “story” you may be telling, deliberately, patiently, and lovingly craft a counter measure (a new phrase or story) to immediately put to use. Continue until the day arrives that you no longer find yourself being your worst critique, but rather, your best friend. Easy!*

I'm actually amused to see this one here as I cannot say either that I don't need it or that I haven't been just telling myself to do it yesterday even. I take a vested interest in how I talk to myself and how I treat myself, where I rank myself in lists that are important to me. It's not easy and it does take constant vigilance, but for this activity I had a moment of it as recent as last night, when I caught myself saying something to me that I would have stopped talking to a friend or coworker about.

It was while driving so I couldn't use a mirror this time, but I stopped my audiobook and had a conversation. Yes, just with myself. About how this kind of language wasn't welcome here, and I reframed the narrative of what I was talking about. Logically where it had come from, why it was what it was, and how there was already a plan being worked on to change that and that only positive support toward those changes was how'd we'd view it.

I hope I can keep going with this one, keep defending myself, my choice, my path.

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