Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

New Year's Labyrinth Walk

I had a very lovely experience doing a New Years labyrinth walk last night.

I am always amused that when I arrive that these events are currently being held at my childhood church (where my sister is forever entombed in a columbarium of). I labyrinth is outside in a big field where once in a very long time ago of being very wee I can remember searching for Easter eggs. I love the homey feeling being there always gives me.

This time I walked in the whole way talking to the universw about my wishes and goals for accomplishment during this 2016 Year of the Big Waves. I talked about everything I could remember, envisioning how I most wanted this year to go and my future to spool out around and beyond me, like rippling silk and endless waves. I named out dozens of people.

In the middle, I stopped and tilted my head up and thanked the universe for everything it had given me in the past year and my entire past. For the blessings, for the flaws, for the depression and joy, for endless numbers of people, for everything it has brought to me good and bad that had culminated in the miracle and magic of my existence as it is right this very second.

On the way out, I said Thank You. In large part it was the only thing I said walking out. I said it with every single step I took. I had a period where I thanked every single part of my body, and certain people. But never with any other words. Every step, singularly the thought thank you and thank you and thank you unending.

I am full of so much gratitude and joy.

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Tags: chakras, dedications: seven years of sacred chakr, family, love, meetup: pagan study group, religion, universal contemplation
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