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feathering the nest

I shouldn't be up this late, both because of how soon work will be upon me (with the need to continue prepping 3 ARDS and 17 profile papers) and because the cedar levels in SA are still killing, making constant inundation to the laptop screen during this week a living hell.

But. But. But.

I got stuck in feathering the nest, phase two, without really even meaning to.

Remember how I gave myself my icons back last night? This evening oddly with only a little reminder from someone else, not even on purpose, I finally started futzing with my layout that I've always hated on DW. Walt, suddenly there was a more recognizable color. Finally I was able to add my header back in. My gorgeous perfect darling of a header that I still love so much.

(....Even if I am not sure how to remove the title lines from the right top corner without removing them from my profile. Bueller?) But it didn't stop there. I configured text numbers (1-2 that still need futzing), and then the modular boxes into a proper arrangement.

Then, I actually sat down and made list boxes: Kindness & Beauty (daily beautiful services I used), What's In a Name (most used or referenced tags), A Leaf on the Wind (Important places you can find me), Current Subscriptions (obvious), and Currently Co/Running (for groups I am running and co-running).

I have so much I want to do that is sort of exploding everywhere. I'm still totting around the Yearly Questionnaire which really only needs the small fic list added to it, and then a minimalist Master List. After that, are already more updates to certain things and posts I want to write. On top of my already Infinite Possibilities Project every morning until the en of January.

I need to go collapse now before the exhaustion or the migraine strangles me for pushing it so long. (Even though this is totally what happens when days of migraines stack up and I selfishly want more time to do more things with my own brain and hands, even though I'll be paying for it during tomorrow. Alas.)

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