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Infinite Possibilities Project - Day15: Thoughts of Love

Day 15

*Author Pam Grout says, “You can literally uplift your world by layering love, blessings, peace, and other high-frequency emotions to the people in your lives.” Today, let’s practice this and see what happens by sending thoughts of love, blessings, and peace to other people as we go about our day—the stranger in the elevator, your co-workers, the cashier at the grocery store, the driver who cuts you off in traffic (especially to this person, and all who disappoint you!), the homeless person on the street corner. Start thinking to them, laser beam style, “I love your smile,” or “I love the energy you put into what you do,” or “I love the strength I see in you.” You don’t need to say a single word, the people around you will feel the energy of your thoughts and your love will be passed on vibrationally. At the end of the day, maybe reflect in a journal about how it felt.*

I do a lot of this actually in gratitude, saying thank you to the universe nigh on constantly through my day. For traffic misses, for getting somewhere early, for beautiful touching people in my life, for a challenging but rewarding job, and on and on and on. I think I'm going to have turning this into an I-You directed thought process at people today.

(Also, as a follow up on yesterday's activity,

I did finally find myself inspired on what to do about this calendar thing. I've only gotten halfway through it but I'm going to combine two things I wasn't entirely sure of now. We were supposed to make a new year vision board, but I already had one for Birthday-To-Birthday year, so I'm going to take quotes and things from magazine and vision board the outside of my tiny calendar.)

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