Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

Kiss the girls and dance your shoes off

As a caveat, that doesn't really influence my lucidity, but remains honest, I am quite tipsy.

I had an amazing night. The kind of night that involved see so many of my favorite people in the whole of the world of certain overlapping circles of my life. I watched a friend perform a daring, gorgeous, sexy dance for her first time. I got to witness and glee with another friend who made a glorious beautiful ornamentation of herself, and exist in the awe of her amazing imagination again.

There was a gorgeous birthday burlesque show, and an amazing 'Magic Potion' birthday drink, and I danced. I danced until my boots broke. No, that's not how to tell you about it. I dance. I danced. I mean, really danced. The kind of dancing where you remember that it's about your skin and the music, and you dance just as much and just as fine by your self before the world as with any other person within four feet of you.

Halfway through the extensive period of dancing, slow and fast, teasing and heartfelt, I realized my True Sugar two-three inch heel had half come off. But I didn't freak out, and I didn't stop dancing, and when it broke entirely, the boot part lifting off the inches of heel, I didn't freak out then either. I laughed. Seriously. Honestly. Just laughed. Like it was the only reaction in the world which fit. Not even drunkenly. Just joyful.

I'd been having a hard time with the idea of putting these boots in a bag for Konmari with the rest of my shoe choices, but here it was. Here was their final bow. Not in a bag, but dancing madly, beautifully, sacredly into their death. Going out stomping, sliding, twirling, graceful as any snowflake or flower in the breeze. The way they should, did. Makes my heart explosively expand and fly to have experienced.

Also, yeah, I may have kissed the birthday girl. Once, politely. The second time, as she was leaving, quite a bit less politely. Rather....like a Taurus, one of the most sexual/sensual signs of the zodaic, and who hasn't kissed someone in a while. Not since Army-Doctor Boy times last year. But it was lovely, gorgeous, lost in the float of the night, of drink and dance, of feeling myself, and my heart is light even now. Because she is a gorgeous being, dear and brilliant.

Bisexual and polyamorous, with her own 2016 asexual triad, who places no price tag on that action taken.

I'm just.....happy. Happy with tonight. With friends, with witnessing, with dancing, with death, with dancing and kissing, and I want to laugh and weep and smile and sleep for eons. I feel as though all the choices and actions I've taken in this early year continued to expound and expand only in making me feel more and more myself self, again, wide-eyed and full of so much of the universe's glorious miracle magic.

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