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Infintie Possiblities Project - Day 16: Rituals

Day 16

*A ritual is simply an observance or practice that is always performed in the same way each time. We perform rituals every day, whether we realize it or not—brushing our teeth, taking a shower, eating breakfast are all rituals that contribute to our health. There is lots of evidence that even simple rituals can have a profound effect on our thoughts and feelings. Today, set out to discover a new ritual to perform daily. Let this be a ritual that you can easily maintain in the days and weeks ahead—something small that contributes to your sense of peace and well-being.*

I have so many of these already, and I already know that my Four Fold Way class is going to request a completely different, new one from me today. I think the universe for two minutes every morning, and place a note in my Joy Jar at the end of every night. Writing here every morning, which is waking up the want to write so much more. Keeping my Rituals for Living Dreambook. Setting up schedules and keeping them.

I institute more of these every day especially since I started using OmniFocus, so that even the smallest, faster rituals of importance to my days cannot simply be forgotten.

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