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Subscription Boxes: Ipsy & Tea Box Express

Ipsy's January "All Eyes on You" Glambag

pur~lisse's 4-1 Eye Adore Serum
Beau Gachis Paris' Smudge Brush
theBalm Cosmetic's Mr. Write (Now)
Lasting Smiles' Peppermint Creme Lip Balm
Hiker Cosmetics' Cream Metallic Pigment Shadow

I'm excited to try the new eyeliner and pigment eye shadow, feeling a little blah about brushes right now (which may be because I have quite a lot at this point), and I have pretty much no interest at all in the lip balm or eye serum. This does, though, remain one of the subs I will never drop, as $10 a month for 5 new makeup/hair/skin products is unheard of.

Tea Box Express' January "New Year" Box</strong>

Village Tea Company's Mobile Tea Pot
Village Tea Company's Teaser: Rooibos & Acia
Village Tea Company's Teaser: Rooibos & Vanilla
Village Tea Company's Teaser: Green & Lemon Ginger
Fancy Fortune Cookies

I squeak every single time I open this box, every single month, and because of that joy, the surprise and the wealth of new and differen tea, tea related foods, toys, etc I stopped caring really about the price of the box. The products in the box match some amazing theme and added together are almost always above the price of the box. I cannot wait to try every single thing in that picture (even just to break open the cookies and read my fortune even if i won't eat the cookie part).

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