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Infinite Possiblities Project - Day 17: Past Successes

Day 17

*It’s common to look at ourselves and our lives and see what’s not working, what we want to change, and what we think could be better. But how often do we look at ourselves and our lives and acknowledge what is working, what we are doing right, and what we love about ourselves? Every day we say and do things that are kind, compassionate, gentle, thoughtful, selfless, genuine, and truly beautiful… and we often don’t even realize it. Today, make a list of ALL the things you’ve done in the past 24 hours (big or small) that you’re proud of yourself for. This practice will make us more mindful of the difference we’re making in the world.*

I wrote my Infinite Possibilities Post. I went out and bought amazing produce in the rain. I bought new things I'd never tried/cooked with -- kobari, fennel, purple/orange cauliflower, and an orange-cheese dish. I made it through a second morning of hitting 17 hours of intermittent fasting before eating a meal, and discovered that my tea not my medicine makes me nauseous in the morning without food. I had a glorious morning with a friend. I bought three macrons, with the mindful intention of not eating them during my fasting window, but also not keeping myself from having small amounts of things I adore.

I separated out all the things in my house that did not fit my paleo lifestyle, including anything at all with soy, corn, or wheats/white flour from every single thing I had in my kitchen for the very first time ever. I figured out where I wanted to move my tea to, so it will stop being hidden in a cabinet where I can't see or pick from it regularly. I spent the afternoon in an amazing class with a bunch of radical and magical women who are finally being able to be drawn back together in the wake of a group splintering. I did do a 3 minute standing meditation.

I had a great evening with my sci-fi group at a new cafe we are beginning to work more closely in tandem with -- which is going amazingly from both sides of that arrangement. I cannot ever stop gleeing about the fact my geeky group is now funding it's money toward a geeky start up. It fills me with so much joy. I came home and fell into bed and had an amazingly long, long sleep.

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