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Infinite Possiblities Project - Day 19: Dream Others

Day 19

*We often imagine how we will benefit once our dreams come true, but we rarely imagine how our friends and loved ones will benefit once our dreams come true. Today, choose 2 or 3 people in your life who love you very much, and visualize how your happiness and success will impact their lives. How proud will they feel of you? What will they learn from your bravery? What will it inspire them to do? When you finish this visualization, write down what feelings you experienced from their perspective. This is a powerful tool for manifestation and one that you can practice anytime.*

I will inspire people to reach for their own dreams, and to believe that no matter what they are, whether everyone agrees or no one does, that they will be surrounded and support and celebrated simply because those are their dreams and they are reaching for them.

I will help people, by example, be brave and authentic, by excluding and acting with my own authenticity. This will help others see and act in their authenticity, because they will see it is for the betterment of their souls. It is a hard, but deeply rewarding path, because it leads to person truth, joy, and an ongoing lack of regret in oneself and the life one is leading.

My friends will be proud of me for speaking my mind, for standing by my truths, for reaching for my dreams and making them true. They will hold me up when I fall, reminding me that bumps are only challenges from the universe to prove how much I want something and how I can continue to think about new and different ways to reach it, and they will celebrate my successes with me, filled with joy and love for watching me grow and attain my dreams.

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