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that universe in conspiring to shower you with blessings

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): On a clear day, if you stand at the summit of Costa Rica's Mount Irazú, you can see both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It's not hard to get there. You can hop a tourist bus in the nearby city of San José, and be 11,200 feet high two hours later. This is a good model for your next assignment: Head off on a stress-free jaunt to a place that affords you a vast vista. If you can't literally do that, at least slip away to a fun sanctuary where you'll be inspired to think big thoughts about your long-range prospects. You need a break from everything that shrinks or numbs you.

I have been living in this space, Uncle Rob, which makes it a big comfort to see it reflected here. I spend intense amounts of time every single day devoted to big picture things from one, to three, to five, to ten, to a lifetime out. The Rituals for Living Dreambook and Infinite Possibilities Challenge have filled my life with amazing direct focus on these for months.

In my house, in my finance, in my love, in spirituality, in my job, in family. It's been so amazing, and looking from so high makes so many small things so much clearer finally. Where they are going or not going that my plans want to get to. What is hampering me and holding me back, where I can free up space, time, love, energy, magic to birth even more purity of those things into the universe, both for myself and others.

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