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Infinite Possiblities Project - Day 20: Meet Your Future Peers

Day 20

*Who are some of the people who’ve accomplished what you now dream of accomplishing? Make a list in your journal of 10 to 20 names, and somewhere within that list include your name. This simple process of associating your name with theirs will remind you that what they’ve done, anyone, including you, can do. Why not? They started out where you started out—a novice, an amateur, a dreamer! We’re all made of the same stuff, the most significant difference between us (really the only difference between us), is our thoughts, words, and actions – and these can be changed, experimented with, and chosen in ways that serve us. Make your list, have fun, imagine “rubbing shoulders” with these future peers of yours, and the day will come when others, inspired by you, will include your name on their list!*

Emma Watson. Elizabeth Gilbert. The Expanse Writers. Rob Brezny. Mike Dooley. Walt Whitman. My Grandmother, with her full length marriage, life of travel, and ability to finical support my whole family. My second mom, Seshen. My cousin, with their marriages and kids. Chopra. Olympic weight lifters. Mother Teresa. World Travels. The UN. Terry Moore. Uriah Mountain Dreamer. The Pope. Obama, both of them. Wendy Davis. Bernie Sanders. Naomi Shihab Nye. The Green Brothers. The big wig Paleo people.

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