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Lady of the Growing Light: The Goddess at Imbolc

Mystery School of the Goddess: Inspiring Imbolc!

Day 2: Goddess Journal Prompts/strong>

1. What Goddess(es) do you feel called to work with this Imbolc, if any?
I feel called to work with Bridgid/Birgid/Brigit. She has always been an amazing draw to me during this time in the season, and extaordinarily during and for this holiday.

2. Are you researching a new Goddess, or are you spending time with a Goddess you know well?
Not a new one, but I'll enjoy working with her and delving even more deeply into her time as both a goddess and a saint. I've never really spent time looking into the details of her sainthood and what stayes

3. How are you communing or spending time with the Goddess this Imbolc?
I have her placed over my altar and I'm going to ask her to come into my dream and my life during this season. Also, I will make an effort to pull her touch and imbue her focuses into the Imbolc activities that will be coming in this class and the holiday itself when it arrives.

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