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Infinite Possiblities Project - Day 23: Thank you!

Day 23

*Gratitude is incredibly powerful. It’s an expression of thankfulness and appreciation of your life and the people in it. Plus, expressing gratitude is the same as expressing the sentiment, “I have received!” A very POWERFUL declaration on this plane of manifestation upon which we live! You can therefore express gratitude for the things you have, and thereby attract more, and/or you can express gratitude for the things you don’t yet have (but wish you did), as if you already had them, to thereby attract them!

List 10 “things” (tangible or intangible) that you are MASSIVELY GRATEFUL for (that are, or that will soon be, in your life). When your list is done, silently or audibly give and feel great gratitude for these things, and keep giving thanks for them in the days, weeks, and year ahead.*

1. I'm grateful for getting to live near and travel with Laura.
2. I'm grateful for being a world traveler.
3. I'm grateful for my amazing, enriching job.
4. I'm grateful for an extensive, beautiful community.
5. I'm grateful for friends and family who always support me.
6. I'm grateful for being surrounded by a co-creative universe.
7. I'm grateful for the blessings that seem to fill everyday.
8. I'm grateful for a beautiful, warm, healthy, safe home.
9. I'm grateful for having all my plans in the future in place.
10. I'm grateful for going to bed and waking up with no regrets.

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