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Four Fold Class: Warrior Standing Meditation Log

January 16th-January 23rd

Day 1: Jan 17, 3 min
(1406 people)
This was definitely a little more revolutionary the second time, after the one with the group. I was more aware of a lot of things starting this after the conversation — the use of the app for bells, the awareness to my breathing, to the reasons for where my hands were.

It was very moving for me to have my hand on my Solar Plexus after having a very ‘car!’ Manipura morning, so having my hands there was like a respectful acknowledgement of it’s recent power as well as having my hand on my chest and having compassion for myself. For the grief and the pain this causes me, and also for the amount of strength it continues to take to handle it.

I felt a little more dazed coming out of it, too.
Day 2: Jan 18, 3 min
(1360 people)
This was interesting and continues to be so.

My first minute I decided to use my Warrior Rattle and definitely it was the harder minute to pass. I was amazed I had done my whole body and hadn’t crossed the one minute bell yet.

But then, when I put my rattle down and assumed the Warrior Meditation Mudra, I sank straight into my hands being on my Manipura and my Anhata chakras. I sank straight into my breathing, the feeling of my chest rising and falling under my fingers and pushing out from my spine and lungs. I was astounded when it felt like maybe 10-20 seconds had passed and the second minute bell rung, and the third went just as quickly.
Day 3: Jan 19, 3 min
Today I set a completely different type of intention, learning and growing from each meditation before me. My first minute was dedicated to shaking my rattle first once around my body for purification, then second to call the universe in for any soul healing I might need.

The second minute was dedicated sending a prayer into the universe as entry to my new spirit guide, Crocodile. Asking for their presence, support, knowledge, wisdom words to come into my heart, my mind, my dreams.

The third minute again was focus on my warrior pose (that I’d started at the beginning of minute two), I definitely felt calmer in my boy and my manipura chakra today after not being part of any massive needs to charge and use that area recently. It was all clear, peaceful flow.
Day 4: Jan 20, 4 min
(1721 people)
I feel like I do keep growing through these, and learning how not to rush myself.

I spent the first minute again dedicated first to rattling for purifying the whole of my body and then chakras, and then to rattling and welcoming in soul healing/retrieval to my whole body and chakras. I was amazed this time that I was doing it more slowly and more mindfully as the one minute bell rang and I wasn’t even done with both.

The second again was an entreaty to my Crocodile spirit animal of the week. The third and fourth were again in Warrior Pose, feeling once again the calm in my body and energy, and especially my Manipura/Solar Chakra, when I haven’t had to use all of that energy to make big decisions.
Day 5: Jan 21, 4 min
(1671 people)
Started with rattle purification, rattle soul healing invitation, crocodile entreaty, then added to it an invitation to Brigid, who I have chosen as my Imbolc Goddess to work with for my Inspiring Imbolc class.

I, also, put on music this time, which ended up being more distracting than anything else. I’m not against the music idea, but I might look for something lower. Maybe try singing bowls in the next few days or drum beats, but whatever it is much softer in the background. It was too loud and overpowering my mind.

I had to open my eyes to mute it at the beginning of minute 4 and then I sunk super fast into that minute and it passed in no time.
Day 6: Jan 22, 4 min
(1544 people)
Once again, I followed my earlier set program. Rattle for purification, rattle for soul healing/retrieval, entry and conversation to Crocodile, entry and conversation for Brigid, then shift into Warrior Stance for the rest of it.

I did try using Tibetan bowls for todays meditation, which was a lot softer and gentler on my mind than the instrumental I had picked yesterday but I feel like the additional noises just cause me to stay much shallower and higher in my mind, in my hyper awareness, than being able to drop into the perfect meditative deep of myself.

I think tomorrow we will be back to no sound.
Day 7: Jan 23, 5 min
(1533 people)
Same established patterns of Purification, Soul Healing/Retrieval, Crocodile, Brigid, and then Warrior Pose. No music today made to so much easier. So did futzing more with the time bells in the meditation app.

I moved up to 5 minutes today, and upped my bell interval from every one minute to every minute and half. It went really well, and I notice that my first two rattle passes are getting longer now, as I become more and more mindful of asking things into my body, naming parts of it, speaking, humbly and joyfully, to the universe to request these things before setting.

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