Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

Infinite Possiblities Project - Day 26: Manifesting

Day 26

*Today choose something small that you want to manifest, and then do everything in your power to manifest it… while simultaneously allowing the universe to do everything in its power to bring it to you. This means you need to mentally see it, and then physically make space for it. If you want to manifest a smile from a stranger, vibrate that desire into the world. See it done in your mind, imagine receiving it. Then, go outside, put a smile on your face, say hello to strangers, be kind, be warm, be generous. If you want to manifest an invitation to an event: first imagine receiving it, then let your friends know you’re free this weekend, make some phone calls, send some messages, find out what’s going on. This activity reminds us that we are an essential part of the manifestation process, in mind and action. We must do all we can in order for the Universe to do all it can.*

A free drink. Plans with someone I am not expecting. A smile from a complete stranger. An Imbolc sign. Something blue. A windfall in time.

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Tags: dedications, dedications: 2016 infinite pssibilities
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