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Day 3: Imbolc Herbal Lore Journal Prompts

Day 3: Imbolc Herbal Lore

What did you make today?
I made a really awesome incense that I can't wait to burn during my Imbolc ritual(s) tomorrow. I really love getting to have new recipes for all of these each time there is a class.

Do you have other recipes or crafts that you make each Imbolc? 
Quite a few actually! I love activities, so I scour the internet for freeform activity ideas and for any books that happen to be on the subject, too.

What scents do you associate with the Winter season?
Snow, earth, the scent of a single candle or a small assortment of tea lights burning, snowdrops, rising bread (now), and clear, wintery, promises of the coming spring in the breeze.

Did you make a Brigid's Cross? What was that like?
I did not, but that is because there is already one above the front door and the one to my bedroom, as well as a small copper one on my Imbolc altar so I don't feel drawn to the necessity to create more of them currently.

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