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Day 4: Fire in the Belly: The Imbolc Feast Journal Prompts [back dated]

Day 4: Fire in the Belly: The Imbolc Feast

What foods do you associate with this season?
I associate all sorts of things with this season. Breads and warm early dairy products. Grains, and nuts, especially. The reeds, which you can't eat, but do come to mind at the same time.

What foods will you be making part of your Imbolc celebration?
I'm totally trying a Paleo Irish Soda Bread!

Did you try a new recipe? How did it go?
It went amazingly! I combined tow different recipes and made three tiny loaves. There are cranberries, dates, and nuts inside of it, and it is divine and rich tasting. I just love how much is still possible with paleo baking that has absolutely no grains in it.

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