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Ut Pictura Poesis

Day 5: Fire in the Head: Creativity at Imbolc Journal Prompts [Backdated]

Day 5: Fire in the Head: Creativity at Imbolc

Do you consider yourself a creative person? Why or why not?
Yes, I’ve always considered myself a creative person. I love to write, sing, and tap into creativity in a whole lot of ways. I’ve written poetry since I was a very small child, and stories. I write stories about characters all the time, and in the coming year I’m going to be working on amazing writing prompts to move my brain for writing outside of that arena, too.

What types of creative activities do you enjoy?
Ack. I covered this on above, while being too excited.

What creative goals are you setting this Imbolc?
To write more, to dance more, to create more.

How will you nurture your creativity in the coming year?
Gently, with things that make me feel expanded and amazed. More art museums, more music, more beauty of nature, more travel, more loving influences in my life, and on and on.

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