Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

Imbolc Night Post-Ritual

I'm all floaty, all over. I just finished the biggest personal ritual I've done here, at home, alone, in...years. It basically had nine parts, and relied on a handful of others I'd done in activities leading up to now. My head is all floaty everywhere. There will be writing. There will be sharing of thoughts, ideas, two days worth of related journal prompts & one set from in ritual from the pieces related to spiritual intentions for the future.

But I think it will come, perhaps, tomorrow night after Wine Class. Especially as my Brighid's Bed and Brighid's Mantle are only just starting their journey through the night. The same with the candles I'll be burning through the Candlemas night. All my love to each of you within reach of these words. You are dear to my heart and soul.

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Tags: holiday: imbolc, holidays
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