Ut Pictura Poesis (wanderlustlover) wrote,
Ut Pictura Poesis

The light in dark places

I'm still feeling a little floaty after last night, even after placing 95% of an ARD being written after my ritual, laying down on my couch while the candles of the altar merrily flickered in the fourth-light of my living room until I finally finished all I could, and blew out my candles, sending my last prayers and wishes with my Brigid's Bed (set before the mantle) and Brigid's Mantle (set outside).

I feel sleepy, but also very good. It's been a long winter and it involved me finally putting into action several things which have been long in coming (and in my very Taurus ways, probably should have happened last fall, or last summer, or maybe even the year before....or maybe not at all, maybe it was meant to be just this right now, in just this right place, to lead me to just this future, because this is who I am and that's not a sin either).

Last night was long and involved, but it feels so good to have started and finished it. It was a very big solo ritual involving a self-blessing, a re-dedication, a full house cleansing, a specific full altar's/tools cleansing, divination by tarot, divination by bibliomancy, and a setting of spiritual intentions for the coming year. There will be more coming as the last two pieces were not finished until this morning had come, which means there are two more journal questions sets to come.

So many thoughts. So much peace. So much gratitude and amazing love for there being this class for every single coming Holiday of this year with all of this stuff involved with it, again and again and again.

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