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Day 7: Imbolc Day Journal Prompts

Inspiring Imbolc - Day 7: Imbolc Day

1. What spiritual intentions did you set this Imbolc?
I did this as the fourth part of my massive (all over inclusive to the class suggestions) Imbolc Ritual. This was the very last section of my ritual that night (that seventh or eighth part, I think), and I wanted it to come after everything so that I was already steeped all over in my choices, in the magic of the rituals of the night, the goddess, the season.

What do I want my spiritual life to look like in the coming year?

I would like to be more involved with the Sabbats and Wheel of the Year, both in personal study and in community (both female, and mixed). I want to try and make all of the Sabbat Rituals put on by EC. I want to help build an amazing women’s group from women all across this community, and the past, and the future. I want to finish out Manipura strong and go into Anahata willing and wide-eyed with love.

What would I like to learn in terms of my spirituality?

More about the Chakras. More about trust, growth and communities based on full group consensus and leadership. More about the Tarot Cards beyond the Major Arcana. More about Astrology, and my own astrology in particular.

What techniques -- healing, divination, etc. -- would I like to try?

I’m not really interested in learning anything more than I already know, though I am very interested in continuing to deepen my understanding of all those I do practice (tarot, chakras, reiki, bibliomancy).

What would I like to know more about?

Tarot Minor Arcana. Anhata/The Heart Chakra. All of the faces of the self in The Four Fold Way. More activities, crafts, and recipes to go with each of the Sabbats.

What do I want more of in my spiritual life?

Love, laughter, growth, sharing, co-creation, dance, magic, crafts, music, light and darkness, shadow work beside love and light work, a balance in all things, hand-in-hand with friends and family.

What do I want less of?

Hierarchy, power struggles, people who are being shunted or manipulated, feeling hurt, seeing dear sisters who are hurting. The losing of women of great power who

How do I want to feel in terms of my spirituality? What can I do to cultivate those feelings?

I want to feel proud and free from regret in all that I do. I want to feel there is only ever an expanding fullness of possibility around me and everyone else. I want to feel magic all the way to the tips of my fingers tips and toes, through every beat of my heart and the end of each strong of hair on my head.

I can continue to co-create equal spaces, where everything is based on consensus and openness. I can work on continue to forgive, forget and move on, because pain does not need to be clung to when the future is so wide open before me. I can run forward, ribbons streaming behind me, into the glory of the good things around me and the new ones that present themselves. I can gird my self to build myself, others, and our co-creative communities through the coming challenges and to celebrate whole-heartedly with the successes and blessings.

2. What other rituals did you do for Imbolc? Did you try something new?
I did so much this night, and I tried a grand big number of new things.

Rituals of the night -

1. Self-Blessing
2. Dedication/Re-Dedication
3. House Cleansing
4. Tool Cleansing
5. Tarot Divination
6. Bibliomancy Divination
7. Spiritual Intentions

I, also, used my Paleo Irish Soda Bread (made earlier in this class) as my treat at the end of my long slew of beautiful, magical rituals.

3. In what ways did you welcome Brighid, or the Goddess more generally, this Imbolc?
I spent a lot of my ritual in devotion to her this year, but on top of that I did two brand new things -- both the Brigid's Bed (with white/green cloths and my corn dolly left on the heart over night) and the Brigid's Mantle left outside (a white delicate cloth, held down by one of my newest favorite stones) over night outside my house, as well.

4. In what ways, if any, do you feel different after celebrating Imbolc?
I feel more balanced (even the unending maelstrom that keeps slamming into my day-to-day life) and like the space within my house is larger, more expansive, more peaceful, more enveloping in warmth, attention, comfort.

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